San, the first people of Africa

Water in the African desert regions is so precious, that for those who depend on it, it can assume divine properties.

To the Bushman, water is the ancient symbol of life. In it he can revitalize himself and make a fresh start.

The gods and their creatures lived in the Sky, for Rain and Flame was one.
Flame created earth, and his mate Rain carried the rainbow as a girdle around her waist.

His legendary hero, Mantis, appears at the time of the beginning of the world, when the face of the earth was covered with water.

Mantis was send to find the purpose of all life, and ask the bee to guide him.

Mantis was carried over the tumult of the dark and turbulent waters by the bee. (bees, as honey makers, are an image of wisdom).

After many a day of searching, the bee, however, became wearier and colder as he searched for solid ground, and Mantis felt heavier and heavier.

The bee struggled bravely, as he flew slower and sank down towards the water.

At last, the bee saw a great white flower, half open, floating in the water, awaiting the sun's first rays.

He laid Mantis in the heart of the flower, and planted within him the seed of the first human being. Then the bee died.

But as the sun rose and warmed the flower, Mantis awoke, and there from within him, from the seed left by the bee, the first San was born.