Africa is rich in tribal stories and myths. Before the written language came to Africa, the telling of stories, folktales and myths and sharing of history in a story-telling form was, and still are part of the campfire.

When you work as a Ranger or multi-country safari guide here in Southern Africa, you get exposed to many different tribes, their stories, fables and myths and often have strange or unique encounters with wildlife and people.

African myths and stories by Rangers in Africa

As an Safari guide and Ranger, we often work for months on end, alone some-where in the African wilderness. At night next to the campfire, under the brilliant stars and listening to the nightlife: crickets, the owls, the cry of a jackal, or the deep vibrating roar of a lion.

With only your campfire as companion, it has the tendency to make the mind drift and make you think deep about life. Nature has a way of touching your soul and exploring your own humanity.

Chrigi, Ranger of the San Clan. Safari-Guide, explorer, conservationist, poet and writer

They call me Chrigi: Ranger of the San Clan: I am older than the trees, younger than the mountains, my memory long, my thoughts deep.