African Fables, Folk Tales & Myths.

The written language only came to Africa in the late 16th century. Only then missionaries and explorers begin to put an alphabet to the spoken African languages.

Before that, for thousands of years, African stories, fables and myths was carried forward verbally from generation to generation, and sadly quite often forgotten.

Most traditional African folk tales, myths and fables have a moral point to them, or is use to educate, or entertain, or to explain animal behaviour, educate on traditions or correct behaviour. African mythology stories generally all have an specific moral theme to them.

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Africa Fables & Folk Tales

Short fables and folktales from African people

Africa has as many stories, fables and tales as it has people.

Different tribes and regions has quite often a cultural variation of the same story.

Folk tales and stories of Anansi has become well-known all-over the world, and often used by schools and educators to teach moral concepts.

Short Tales from 'Chrigi-in-Africa, Ranger of the San Clan'.

Myths and fables from the San people of Namibia

The folk tales and stories of the San are unique in many ways, as it bring to life the magic of the African wildlife and educate at the same time. With one of the oldest cultures in the world, the Bushmen of Southern Africa has a rich story-telling culture.

Rangers and Safari guides, working and living in the wilderness areas of Namibia, often has contact with the San people. And at night when you share a campfire or food with them, telling stories about wildlife experiences, animals or people is part of sharing life.

Just as the Bushmen, we see, experience and encounter some strange and wonderful occurrences in nature.

For the past 30+ years, I have been writing stories and poetry, with a few placed here on the site. Come and experience Africa through the eyes of 'Chrigi, Ranger of the San Clan' | 'Chrigi-in-Africa'.

Myths and Superstitions.

Myths about Africa, animals and plants

Each tribe in Africa has various myths, superstitions relating their origins, culture and beliefs.

Through the ages of time, some of these tribal myths and superstitions has taken on a life on their own, and often still believed as the truth in many traditional areas.

Sadly a lot of these old verbal tribal knowledge is being lost, as the older generations pass away.

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