Most of the Hottentot myths and legends have a solar and celestial bias like those of the Bushmen.

The name of the Hottentot deity and supreme being is Tsui-Goab. He is considered to be a kind being.

To him they ascribe the creation of the African world, of man, and the elements. It is he that makes their crops prosper and gives them skins, full bellies and happy hearts.

His opposite is Gaunab, a kind of vengeful devil.

The supreme being of the Khoi-Khoi, and oftent the subject of the strangest of stories, was called Tsui-Goab, He is known to have first lived many generations ago, when he was said to have been an old witchdoctor with a broken knee, named U-tixo.

Among the Hottentots, he was renowned as a sorcerer of great skill.

Having been regarded as extraordinarily powerful during life, he was invoked after death as one who could still bring help and protection, and with the passing of time, he became closest to their conception of God.

U-tixo, they said, was a powerful chief of the Khoi-Khoi, and the first Khoi-Khoi ever.

He made war against a wicked chief called Gaunab who had killed many Khoi-Khoi. They had many battles. Each time U-tixo won, and grew bigger and stronger.

At last, in the final terrific struggle, he gave Gaunab a great blow behind the ear. While Gaunab lay dying, he landed a last blow which hit U-tixo's knee, and since then U-tixo has been called Tsui-Goub, or 'wounded knee'.

He was considered to be a prophet and able to do wonderful things. He died several times, but each time returned to life, providing occasion for great feasting and rejoicing.

He made the clouds and lived in them, and brought the rain. Thus through him the cattle were plentiful and the grazing good.

Tsui-Goab resides in a beautiful heaven of light and sunshine, and Gaunab, meaning 'destroyer', lives quite separately in a dark retreat. He sends the sleep of death to man, but Tsui-Goab, the Red Dawn, brings the light and life.

The Khoi-Khoi always pray in the early morning with their faces turned towards the east where Tsui-Goab's first light appears.