Maori created the first man, Mwuetsi, who became the moon.

Maori gave him a ngona horn filled with ngona oil and told him he would live at the bottom of the waters.

Mwuetsi objected and said he wished to live on the land. Maori reluctantly agreed, but said Mwuetsi would give up immortality if he did.

After a while Mwuetsi complained of loneliness, so Maori sent him a woman, Massassi (the morning star), to keep him company for two years.

Each night they slept on opposite sides of a campfire, until one night Mwuetsi jumped over the flame and touched Massassi with a finger he had moistened with the ngona oil.

In the moning Massassi was huge with child, and soon gave birth to plants and trees until the whole earth was covered by them.

At the end of two years Maori took Massassi away.

Mwuetsi wept for eight years, at which time Maori sent him another woman, Morongo (the evening star), saying that she could stay for two years.

On the first night Mwuetsi touched her with his oiled finger, but she said she was different than Massassi, and that they would have to oil their loins and have intercourse.

This they did, this night, and every night thereafter.

Every morning Morongo gave birth to the animals of creation.

Then she gave birth to human boys and girls, who became full-grown by that very same evening.

Maori voiced his displeasure with a fierce storm, and told Mwuetsi he was hastening his death with all this procreation.

Morongo, ever the temptress, instructed Mwuetsi to build a door to their habitat so that Maori could not see what they were doing.

He did this, and again they slept together.

Now in the morning Morongo gave birth to violent animals; snakes, scorpions, lions, etc.

With door closed, Morongo and Mwuetsi could not escape from the violent and poisonous creatures.

That was the end of them.