In the beginning there was nothing but Nzame. This god is really three: Nzame, Mebere, and Nkwa.

It was the Nzame part of the god that created the universe and the earth, and brought life to it.

While the three parts of Nzame were admiring this creation, it was decided to create a ruler for the earth.

So was created the elephant, the leopard, and the monkey, but it was decided that something better had to be created.

Between the three of them they made a new creature in their image, and called him Fam (power), and told him to rule the earth.

Before long, Fam grew arrogant, he mistreated the animals and stopped worshipping Nzame.

Nzame, angered, brought forth thunder and lightning and destroyed everything that was, except Fam, who had been promised immortality.

Nzame, in his three aspects, decided to renew the earth and try again. He applied a new layer of earth to the planet, and a tree grew upon it.

The tree dropped seeds which grew into more trees. Leaves that dropped from them into the water became fish, those that dropped on land became animals.

The old parched earth still lies below this new one, and if one digs deep enough it can be found in the form of coal.

Nzame made a new man, one who would know death, and called him Sekume.

Sekume fashioned a woman from a tree, and called her, Mbongwe.

These people were made with both Gnoul (body) and Nissim (soul).

Nissim gives life to Gnoul. When Gnoul dies, Nissim lives on.

They produced many children and prospered.