Once there was a terrible monster, named Kammapa, that devoured all humans in Africa.

Eventually the only person left in the world was an old woman who had fearfully gone into hiding, when she saw what was happening.

One day, without the aid of a man, she gave birth to a boy-child who was adorned with magical amulets.
She named her son Lituolone, in honour of her god.

By nightfall, the boy was a full-grown strong young man.

He asked his mother where the other people were, and being told of Kammapa, grabbed a knife and went to fight Kammapa the monster.

But before he could do any-thing, the huge monster swallowed him in one gulp.

Finding himself unharmed in the beast's stomach, Lituolone used his knife to cut his way out.

In tearing apart the beast's stomach, he allowed thousands of human beings to escape with him.

And that's how Africa was re-populated again, and Lituolone become the founder of the Sesuto tribe.