Namibia is one of the best wildlife safari destinations for families with young children in all of Africa, with hassle free visa regulations, safe and friendly people, very low crime due to very low population density. Good all-round facilities, travel infra-structure and disease free.

Child-friendly family safaris in Southern Africa

All our safaris below is travel with kids friendly, and could be tailor-made to fit your requirements:

- All our tours has the option of either tented camping or bedded roomed accommodated.

- Weekly departures, and valid from 31 March 2016 till 31 March 2017.

3-Day Etosha Park Wildlife: Short intensive wildlife safari to the Etosha National Park. Departs every Saturday from Windhoek: Price ZAR 4,540 per person sharing.

3-Day Sossusvlei & Namib Desert: Short tour to Sossusvlei and Namib Desert region. Departs every Tuesday from Windhoek: ZAR 4,540 per person sharing.

6-Day Etosha Park & Sossusvlei: Combining the Etosha Park and Sossusvlei. Departs every Saturday from Windhoek. Price ZAR 9,720 per person sharing.

7-Day Etosha, Damaraland & Swakopmund: Best of Etosha wildlife, Damaraland and Swakopmund. Departs selected Fridays. Priced from ZAR 12,560 per person sharing.

7-Day Sossusvlei & Fish River Canyon: Sossusvlei, Fish River Canyon and Southern Namibia. Departs nearly every Friday. Priced from ZAR 12,560 per person sharing.

9-Day Victoria Falls & Okavango Delta: Okavango Delta, wildlife of Kwando & Chobe, Victoria Falls. Departs alternate Fridays. Priced from ZAR 17,585 per person sharing.

10-Day Etosha, Himba & Sossusvlei: Etosha Park, Africat, Damaraland, Himba tribe, Swakopmund, Sossusvlei. Departs alternate Fridays. Priced from ZAR 17,440 per person sharing.

14-Day Best of Namibia: Fish River Canyon, Sossusvlei, Swakopmund, Himba, Damaraland, Etosha Park, Africat. Departs alternate Fridays. Priced from ZAR 25,815 per person sharing.

15-Day Okavango, Etosha & Sossusvlei: Okavango Delta, Etosha Park, Damaraland and Swakopmund. Departs specified Thursdays. Priced from ZAR 28,480 per person sharing.

19-Day Nambia, Botswana, Victoria Falls: Best of Namibia, Botswana's Okavango delta & Chobe, Zimbabwe's Victoria Falls and lots more!. Departs alternate Tuesdays. Priced from ZAR 34,910 per person sharing.

Gateway Africa been specializing in affordable family-friendly safaris for the past 26+ years, and most of our Safari consultants has their own families, whom have travelled all-over Africa with their kids on holidays, and this first-hand experience of travelling with young children in Africa, reflects in our family safari itineraries.

What about Ebola, Malaria, Crime and Safety?

As parents ourselves, we will not expose our children, or yours to danger: We will not compromise on safety.

On ALL our family itineraries, safety comes first, and Southern Africa is very far removed from Ebola regions.

Please read the detailed information facts on Ebola.

In the case where families wish to travel in a malaria risk area, we INSIST on the use of Anti-malaria prophylaxis, as prescribed by your GP.

Why Travel with us?

Safety on our African safaris for families is very important.

> All our affordable African family safari vacations, has low daily travel distances and child-friendly itineraries.  

> The need to entertain and involve children on an daily basis is not easy, there-for we make use of only mature highly experience Specialist Guides on our family safari trips.

> With 26+ years of experience and local knowledge, we know how to create quality small group, tailor-made African safari holidays for families.

> We will customize any scheduled standard safari tour to your Travel time, Interests and special needs.

> Overland tented camping trips for families: These budget overland camping family adventures, have been designed for the outdoor type of family, and more suitable for teenage children with outdoor experience. Generally there is an age limit of 13 years and older. This generally depends on the camping and outdoors experience of your family.

> All our scheduled lodge accommodated safari tours, specifically in Namibia, South Africa and Botswana, could be customized for families.

All trips are nearly all-inclusive of every-thing you might need while on tour with us. From your every-day meals, to reliable transport, top wildlife guides, to the various daily activities as clearly stated on our itineraries. We will always make sure you know exactly what is included and what is not.