Endless grass savannahs filled with wildlife, or gnu silhouetted against a golden sunset.

The lumbering walk of the elephant or the deep roar of a lion at dusk. This is the Africa we love.

Just as no safari would be complete without experiencing the spectacular diverse wildlife of Africa.
Wildlife sunset in Africa

Most visitors to Africa wish to see the "Big 5" animals: Elephant, rhino, buffalo, lion and leopard, but these animals form just a small part of the wildlife diversity of Africa.

The term 'big 5' is a bit incorrect, as these animals are not named for their size, but for being so dangerous to hunt or encounter.

Lion, one of the African safari Big 5Lion


African leopardLeopard


Rhino: Wildlife of AfricaRhino


Buffalo - African safari wildlifeBuffalo


Safari wildlifeElephant


The Predator Cats of Africa.

Often visitors to Africa only think of the lion and leopard, and miss the other African predator cats. The top five are in order of size: Lion, leopard, cheetah, caracal and serval.  

With the lion, the biggest of them all, but also the laziest and worst hunter. The Caracal and Serval are the 2 best hunters of all the African cats, due to their lightning fast reflexes and agility. The endangered Cheetah is also the fastest of them all, but due to being the least aggressive, tend to lose its prey often to other predators.