The African lion (Panthera leo) is the biggest of all predator cats in Africa, and is mostly hunting and moving around at night.

During the day they tend to sleep and laze around.

When on a safari, the best time to see them hunt, is early in the morning, or if you could do a night drive following a pride as it set out to hunt.
Lion - safaris exploring the wildlife of Southern Africa

Lions used to occur all-over Africa, and also into Arabia, Middle-East, Persia and India. Today they are only found in some Game Reserves and National Parks.
Africa still has the highest concentration of lions, but they are fast becoming an endangered species, due to poaching and being in conflict with humans. Currently there is an huge illegal lion bone export and poaching to the Far East, that threaten the total extinction of these majestic creatures in many African countries.

Lions behave different to normal cats, who tend to be solitary creatures. Lions on the other hand a very social, and form prides. Lions are not that good hunters, so having the numbers do help with hunting, and also with protecting their kill.
Hyena and lions are mortal enemies
The Hyena is also a prime predator, and in direct competition with the lion. Both lion and hyena will kill and harass each other when-ever they can. They are mortal enemies, but humans are still the greatest enemy to lions.
 Lions of Namibia
The biggest lions in the world is found in the Etosha National Park of Namibia. Due to the calcium rich environment of the Etosha Pan, lions in the Etosha get a higher intake than normal of calcium which help with bone growth and size. This also apply to many other species in the Park.
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