These unique Southern African and Namibian geotours was created for the adventurer who wish to combine geocaching in spectacular wilderness areas with the thrill of an wildlife safari.

Combining geocaching with a wildlife safari

Currently most of these geocaching vacations concentrate on the top attractions in Namibia, namely Sossusvlei, Damaraland, the Etosha National Park and Namibian Okavango Delta Panhandle, but also some sections along the South African Garden Route.
Our geocaching geotour safaris consist of three types:

Tented Camping, Mid-range Lodge and the exclusive Ranger guided private safaris


Combining geocaching with African wildlife safaris are an very new concept in Southern Africa, and very unique to Gateway Africa.

Geocaching has been around for a while in Southern Africa, and Namibia is the ultimate geocaching safari destination due to its natural wilderness areas and having a very active geocaching community.
Namibia is a huge country, about the size of all Western Europe together, but with an very low population density of only 2.2 million people.

This low population density combined with a spectacular natural and wildlife diversity; make it the ideal country for combining a geotour with an African wildlife safari.

One of the biggest problems with geocaches in more dense populated areas is the destruction of caches by muggles. In Namibia this rarely the problem, as many caches are in wilderness areas and on routes far removed from the general public. Baboons and monkey's is often here the problem.

On the moment there are around 225 caches in really amazing wilderness areas, and growing daily. 

All the major well-known tourist points of interest and routes in Namibia, has a number of geocaches in place.

With geocaches even to be found in the Etosha National Park, (Considered to be one of the finest and most diverse wildlife sanctuaries in the world), Sossusvlei with its highest dunes in the world, Fish River Canyon (Second largest canyon in the world, and even at the Hoba Meteorite (largest known metal meteorite in the world).  

These are just a few famous points of interest to mention, if you plan a geocaching safari in Namibia. 


For a visitor to Namibia, there are various options to combine a geotour with a wildlife safari. 

> Either rent a vehicle, and follow your own route on an self-drive tour, geocaching and exploring the country. 

> Secondly going on a scheduled departure safari, and find the caches along the safari tour route. 

> Thirdly: Ranger guided private safaris. These safaris combine the adventure of an old style African wildlife safari with geocaching in truly spectacular wildlife and wilderness areas. 


The general impression of Namibia is that of a desert country. But this is far from it. The natural diversity is really amazing.

Namibia do have two deserts (the Kalahari and Namib), with the first in the far south-east of the country, and the Namib desert stretching along the Atlantic coast of Namibia, and home to various canyons, gigantic fossil dunes and absolutely flat desert areas. 

Most of the country is covered in wildlife rich bush. The central highlands and north of the country is quite mountainous areas, covered in thick Acacia bush.

As you travel past the Etosha Pans, the ecology starts to change into a nearly sub-tropical ever-green landscape, with big trees and thick bush.  

The northern border of Namibia is home to the famous rivers of the Kunene, Okavango and Zambezi. 

This river region’s of Namibia is still very tribal, but also home to a few very wonderful Game Reserves, and the Namibian Okavango Delta Panhandle and Namibian Moremi.  

The Caprivi region of Namibia also offers a short-cut to other famous tourist destinations in the neighbouring countries of Zambia, Zimbabwe (Victoria Falls & Chobe).