Experience the exotic natural beauty and wonders of the famous Garden Route.

The ever-green Cape Garden Route has a mild Mediterranean Maritime climate and nestles on a narrow belt between the Outeniqua and Tsitsikamma Mountains and the Southern Coast of Africa.

A blend of charming towns, dramatic & scenic landscapes, tall trees, deep gorges, shimmering lakes, majestic mountain ranges, golden beaches and lush indigenous forests.

Spectacular Cape Garden Route

    GEOTOUR 1 - George to Sedgefield Meander - Geocaching the Garden Route:

    This is the perfect short 10 cache tour for all who wish to enjoy the beautiful coastal scenery of the Garden Route. Stunning beach views and little village stops.
    Departing from George, your first 2 caches are relative easy ones.
    GCVY7G / S 33° 59.525 E 022° 31.072 and
    GC4AMXAS / 33° 59.573 E 022° 31.212
    Leaving George behind, we make our way along the N2 to the next cache
    @ GC2V5CD / S 33° 59.775 E 022° 33.707.
    This cache offers an incredible view over the Indian Ocean, Wilderness Beach and the Kaaimans River mouth with the train bridge in the background.

    A short drive take us to next cache.
    @ GC2V5JR / S 33° 59.582 E 022° 33.651
    - The Map-of-Africa is a wonderful view point on the Wilderness Heights.
    Wilderness is situated approximately 15km from George, as you drive on the N2 highway towards Knysna.
    You have to turn into Wilderness, and follow the markers to the Map-of-Africa viewpoint.
    The last stretch to the view point is gravel road, but well maintained.

    Map-of-Africa is spectacular scenery of mountains and forests. It is amazing how Mother Nature has shaped this map image of Africa.
    The outline was formed by the Kaaimans River carving through the landscape to create a wonderful outline of Africa .

    Leaving Wilderness behind, go back on the N2 that will lead you to your next cache.
    @ GC3ZTP4 / S 34° 00.056 E 022° 38.836.
    Beware of muggles!

    Back on the N2! The next cache over-look a wonderful stop for coffee, or even some-thing to eat on your way to Sedgefield.
    Explore! It is part of the fun at Timberlake Village.

    This is a good place to buy a good meal,
    Or take some home - if that's how you feel.
    Have a peek at the garden where the little folk hide,
    stroll through the shops, it's cool there inside.
    Now, head up the path towards the big lake.
    It's a steep walk so good shoes you should take.
    When nearing the cache - here's a clue;
    don't "stump" your foot and damage your shoe.
    After replacing the find carry on up the hill.
    The view at the top is quiet, what a thrill.
    When you return to the shops for some tasty licks.
    Examine yourself carefully for those bothersome ticks.
    @ GC18XZ0 / S 33° 59.922 E 022° 41.035
    Places to go, and caches to find.
    Known as the “Slow town” of the Garden Route, Sedgefield has a rich history.
    In memory of the steam trains that passed this way, before severe storms destroyed the line in a number of places.
    For many years, steam trains carried passengers and goods on the extremely scenic line between Knysna and George, stopping at Sedgefield and Wilderness.

    At the height of its operations, the stop at Sedgefield (with its siding) was used to allow trains moving in opposite directions to pass each other.

    In 2006, heavy storms caused floods and landslides, washing away and damaging the tracks in a number of locations along the route. Sadly the damage to the track was extensive. For a while the train ran between George and Mossel Bay, but soon that was also stopped, and the "Giants of the Track" now reside at the George Railway Museum.

    The Sedgefield railway station remains though, functioning now as a cafe and a source of delicious pies.
    @ GC3A8JK / S 34° 00.726 E 022° 48.040
    This is another easy cache, but a bit of the N2.
    @ GC40MG5 / S 34° 02.748 E 022° 50.235
    Directions; turn off at Groenvlei, just outside Sedgefield on the way to Knysna.
    The first 500m or so is tarred. At Lake Pleasant, keep to the right and follow the road for about 2.5km until you reach the viewpoint and parking.

    When you find the cache, make a careful note of its placement and put it back as found.
    There seldom is muggles about, but still watch out for them.

    This coast is very often overlooked by the traveller, but those who know of this gem, visit often. The whole coastline is part of the Goukamma nature reserve and several trails can be found in the area. Just see the signboard posted here. Swimming here can be dangerous, so be careful.
    This easy find is at the start of the Groenvlei trail.
    @ GC40MGN / S 34° 02.046 E 022° 50.880
    To get to this one: Just outside Sedgefield on the way to Knysna, turn off at Groenvlei.
    Follow the road and keep right when you get to Lake Pleasant. Follow the gravel road for 1 km.
    Then turn left and follow indications to the bush-camp for about 700m. This bit of road is not too well kept, but only low cars will have problems.
    At the gate to the bush-camp, there is a small parking area. No need to enter the gate. The Badger will show you the way! Follow the instructions below :-)
    "Bow low before King Otter! Do not rip up wood, even though it’s rotten. You should spot it easily if you remember your manners in front of the king. The honey badger has something to do with the clue, so if stuck read the clue!"
    The last cache of the day! This multi-cache is a bit of a brain teaser, but worth it!
     Wonderful fun multi-cache with a beautiful view at the end.
    @ GC2V5QY / S 34° 01.029 E 022° 47.184. 
    The first co ordinates will take you to a sign. Under the heading ‘Attention Dogs’ count the number of R's and G's.
    1. Number of R's plus number of G's = x
    2. Number of R's minus Number of G's = y
    3. Multiply y by 2 = z

    Final Co ordinates are these:

    Follow the road to the left of the sign until you reach two tree stumps. Go down to the water and follow the path to the left and your GPs should lead you to your destination. Enjoy the peaceful view.
    We hope you enjoyed this little meander through our little piece of Garden Route paradise.