Overland Lodge Tours.

Overland safaris always been associated with the young gap-year traveller and adventurous, and generally would cover a few countries and basic travel conditions.

NOT ANY MORE! Most of our overland adventures has now an upgrade option, from camping to comfortable bedded chalet / lodge accommodation. Both Camping and lodge guests still share the same adventure, only at night, some have the comfort of sleeping in a room, while others camp.

These amazing overland safaris has combined the adventure of overland travel, with the comfort of lodge accommodation.

Some safari tours are destination specific, but generally cover a combination of the top tourist countries in Southern and East Africa, such as South Africa, Namibia, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Mozambique, Kenya and Tanzania.

  • Live the Adventure!

  • Diverse wildlife destinations

  • Experience the magic of Africa

  • Learn about the tribal African cultures

Budget Overland Tours

Budget small group lodge safaris in Namibia

Budget room accommodated overland safaris, with scheduled departures that make use of clean value-for-money accommodation in small camps, guesthouses and tented lodges.

Overland lodge tours generally cover more then one country and could be from 10 to 56 days in duration. This style of lodge tours are for the budget traveller and offer an value-for-money alternative to the standard lodge tours.

15-day Swakopmund to Victoria Falls

14-day Namibia Experience

10-day Namibia Wild Explorer

10-day Namibia for Families

7-day Damaraland + Etosha Park

7-day Sossusvlei + South Namibia

6-day Etosha Park & Sossusvlei

3-day Etosha Wildlife

3-day Sossusvlei Desert

4-day Discover Kenya, From ZAR 7,950

5-day Best of Zimbabwe, From ZAR 4,950

7-day Gorilla Encounter, From ZAR 6,850

Popular Safaris

Combining overland safaris with lodge accommodation

These tours are overland camping safaris, that has an up-grade option to roomed accommodation.

The web pages being updated. Please ask for more information:

Cape Town to Victoria Falls The most popular safari in Southern Africa!

20-day Victoria Falls to Cape Town, From ZAR 11,950

20-day Dar es Salaam to Delta - South, From ZAR 15,400

7-day Treasures of Tanzania, From ZAR 6,950

8-day Escape to Mozambique, From ZAR 6,450

8-day Kilimanjaro Trek - Machame, From ZAR 8,700

10-day Serengeti & Zanzibar Trek, From ZAR 10,450

11-day Best of Kenya & Tanzania, From ZAR 11,950

14-day Discover Mozambique, From ZAR 11,950

14-day Masai Mara & Gorillas, From ZAR 9,450

21-day East African Adventure, From ZAR 12,9500

47-day Gorillas to the Delta, From ZAR 27,650

56-day Best of Africa, From ZAR 36,350

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