The Caracal (Felis caracal) is a muscular slender cat, with a short tail and long legs. Very distinctive is the reddish colour of its coat, and the black tuffs on the pointy ears. The muzzle is exceptionally short and small for such a tall cat, but powerful jaw muscles are hidden in the broad cheeks and round face.
Caracal - Wild cats of Africa

Mostly solitary in their behaviour, the caracal often form pairs, or smaller mother-young groups for the period of mating and rearing of the young.
The caracal has an typical repertoire of cat sounds it makes, ranging from growls, hisses, spits and meowing sounds, but also a highly distinctive coughing during mating seasons.
Despite being found in good numbers all over Southern Africa, caracals are not often seen due to being shy and hiding very well. To see a caracal on safari is quite a rare occurrence, as they generally prefer moving at night.
The caracal can climb and jump extremely well. This ability makes the caracal one of the few predators that prey with good success on hyrax in the mountainous areas. The Caracal and Serval are the 2 best hunters of all the African cats, due to their lightning fast reflexes and amazing agility.