One sunny day, lion and jackal decided to go hunt together.

Shortly after the lion and the jackal set off hunting, the lion killed a fine fat eland.

''Run back to my house while I look for more game',' said the lion to the jackal, ''and tell my children to come and carry home the meat.''

But the jackal ran quickly to his own house and called his own children, who soon carried away all the meat.

The lion could find no more game, so he stopped hunting and went home. "Is that not a fine eland I killed?' he boasted to his wife the lioness. She looked puzzled.
''We see no eland',' she growled.

''What?! Did not the jackal come and tell the children to carry home the meat?'' he asked.
''He did not, and we are starving", was the reply.

The lion was furious. He strode to the jackal's home, which was high up on a rocky ledge, and could only be reached by a thin rope.
So, the lion waited.
In a little while, the jackal came down to drink after his large meal, and out jumped the lion. The jackal ran with all his might and just managed to dodge down a small hole, but not before the lion grabbed him by his tail.

''Now I've got you!'' he roared.
''What do you mean?'' returned the jackal, ''That is not my tail you are pulling, it is just an old root. If you don’t believe me, hit it with a stone and see if it bleeds."

The lion thought this would be wise and went look for stones, which, however, were not plentiful. When he returned the jackal was long gone.

On finding that he had been tricked, the lion was furious, and went rampaging off to the jackal's rocky stronghold.

"Ho there, little jackal!", he roared. The jackal peeped over the edge. He was safe, so he was cheeky.

''Who are you?'' he shouted back. ''What is your name? Whose son are you? Who was your father? Where are you from? Where are you going? Who do you want? Why?''

The lion replied, ''I have merely come to see you. Just let down the rope so I can come up.''

The little jackal let down a rope of mouse skins, and when the lion climbed a good way up, it broke and he fell.

The jackal laughed, and the poor lion went home to nurse a very sore head.

From that day till now, lion will kill jackal, that is if he can catch him.