Windhoek Day Tours.

Windhoek has always been slightly different from other African cities.

Firstly, it is a clean city by international and African standards, much safer then most African cities, and has this interesting mix of old German colonial buildings and shops, combined with modern shopping malls.

With eleven different ethnic groups and a population of only 2.2 million people, this huge country is the shining example of what could be achieved in Africa.
Below is a small selection of the most popular half and full day tours in Windhoek and the region.

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  • Go on your dream African safari!

  • Spectacular sunsets.

  • Spectacular wildlife diversity.

  • Experience the ancient cultures of Africa.

N/a’an ku sê Sanctuary.

Various half and full day tours to the Naankuse Wildlife Sanctuary

Forty-two kilometres outside Windhoek, there is an extraordinary wildlife sanctuary place called the N/a’an ku sê Wildlife Sanctuary.

This sanctuary is not only for various wildlife species (Cheetah, leopard, caracal, baboons, African Wild Dog and lion), but also a home for a small traditional community of Africa's first people the San / Bushmen. The wildlife in the sanctuary are prepared (if possible) to be re-introduced in a safe wildlife environment.
> Carnivore Feeding Tour: Full Day N$ 500 pp. / Half Day N$ 250
- Join your tour guide on this informative and unique experience, as he feed the various animals (lion, cheetah, caracal, leopard and baboons) on the sanctuary. Wonderful photographic experiences.
> Caracal or Cheetah Walk: Please note: NO Children allowed on these walks: N$ 500 pp.
- Go on a guided walk in the Namibian bush with these cats, and experience how they behave, as they explore and perfecting their hunting skills.

Windhoek Tours

The vibrant city of Windhoek

Windhoek City and Township Half Day Tour.

Windhoek, a charming city with an amazing mixture of modern shopping malls, historical buildings, tribal cultures and nature.

It is not strange to hear the call of owls and jackals at night in the quiet suburbs.
This half day tour cover the various German colonial historical places in the town (Alte Feste Fort, Christuskirche and Tinten Palast), as well as the Katatura township, to experience the real African culture of Namibia.
Tour hours: 09H00 to 12H00 or 14H00 to 17H00.
Include: transport & guide.
Exclude: meals, drinks, optional entrance fees: From N$ 250 pp. 

Adventure Activities.

Swakopmund adventure activities

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