What could you expect on an Overland Adventure Tour?

Each day in Africa bring a new adventure. Often starting early in the morning, some of the day is spent travelling from one place to another, travelling time depending on the distances, for the continent is huge and road conditions not always as good.
Overland safari explorations in africa
Lunch is normally a informal arrangement on the side of the road or at a local picnic spot. Evening meal are generally an team effort, and a time for socializing, relaxing at camp around a campfire.

The number of guests on a overland trip could range between 4 to 18 passengers, and really multi-national.

By the nature of African overland adventures is that a certain age group is more common, and this is between the ages of 18 to 75.

Types of Africa Adventure Travel

There are two types of overland trips.

Overland tours are generally a tented camping safari, with some tours having the option to up-grade to bedded roomed accommodation.
They both follow the similar route and all guests travel in the same vehicle.
The only difference is you personal budget and preference: tented camping or room accommodated.

Below is quick overview of the different overland accommodation options for various of overland trips:

Tented Camping Safaris

On this type of safari, the accommodation is in large, 2-man canvas tents (with built in mosquito net). Guests are required to pitch and take them down. This is very easy due to the simple and uncomplicated design of the tents. Each guest receives a comfortable 5-cm thick foam mattress for the duration of the tour. On the Camping Adventure Tours you need to bring your own sleeping bag & towel. Occasionally we spend a few nights in dormitory accommodation and then we sleep 4 - 6 guests per room.

Bedded Roomed Tours

Bedded overland tours combine all of the outdoor adventure that the camping safari offer, but with the main difference being, with you sleeping in a bed and not in a tent. The style of accommodation varies from destination to destination, and makes use of chalets, hostels, lodges, permanent tented safari camps and traditional huts. 

On the Southern African Accommodated Tours, all rooms are twin share and have en suite bathrooms, with bedding and towels provided. Please note that on the East African itineraries, all rooms are twin share, but do not always have private en suite bathrooms and guests will need to bring their own towels.

What is over landing, and is it for you?

"Often the average person lives a life of quiet desperation, trapped in the rat-race of a city, but there are those who now and then, feel the need to break free of those bonds and seek adventure. Explore uncharted territories. Discover wild and remote places, where each dawn and sunset heralds a new experience."
Quote by: Chrigi, Ranger of the San Clan and Safari Guide.

The only way to truly appreciate Africa, is to sleep on its earth, bake in its sun, touch its grass and smell the rain.

Overland adventure tours are for people who love life, and want to embrace it with a passion, who care about culture, people and wildlife.

As all of our scheduled departures are participation trips, it is very important that travellers have a positive attitude, and are prepared to put in their fair share towards various everyday camping activities. Joining in is what turns a great trip into an unforgettable journey. With the right attitude we can guarantee that travellers will get the most out of their overland experience!

Our belief is that it is not so much just the arrival at a destination, but the total experience of the expedition that is important. We travel together, learn from each other's cultures and form a strong, supportive and fun team. Although our safari guides registered professionals, they are not heroes and won’t pamper you. They are, however, enthusiastic and ready for anything and will always get you through the tough times with a smile.

For a successful expedition, all we need is space under the stars and your eagerness to join in!

A typical day with us starts when the sun comes up - we live by nature's timetable and use as many daylight hours as possible. If you are camping, tents are set up by nightfall, kettles are boiled, the smell of cooking scents the air and we sit around the fire chatting about the happenings of the day and the excitement of tomorrow.

For those on the accommodated option, the only difference is that you sleep on beds. Evenings are for writing diaries, playing cards or board games, or just listening to the African night. Every single trip is different - we like it that way!

Be ready for the experience of a lifetime, as Africa does not tick like clockwork, so be prepared to pack your sense of humour as there are sure to be a few surprises, which is why Africa is so endearing... We will give you an dream overland adventure safari of an life-time!