Africa has many amphibians ranging from tiny little reed frogs to giant toads. Each unique to a specific region and ecology. Although most frog are found in water-rich environments, there are some that are also found in desert sandy areas, such as the Desert Rain Frog, found in Namibia and South Africa.

Below are some common frogs and toads you might find when travelling in Africa.

Western Rift Puddle Frog - Phrynobatrachus versicolor, Western Rift Puddle Frog.

De Witte's Clawed Frog De Witte's Clawed Frog.

Disk Toed Puddle Frog Disk Toed Puddle Frog.

Grauer's Puddle Frog Grauer's Puddle Frog.

 Kivu Dwarf Litter Frog Kivu Dwarf Litter Frog.

Luanda Puddle Frog Luanda Puddle Frog.

Montane Golden Toad Montane Golden Toad.

Montane Squeaker Montane Squeaker.

African Bull Frog African Bull Frog.

Albertine Reed Frog Albertine Reed Frog.

Anchietas Rocket Frog Anchietas Rocket Frog.

Female Argus Reed Frog Female Argus Reed Frog.

Male Argus Reed frog Male Argus Reed Frog.

Bayons Common Reed Frog Bayon's Common Reed Frog.

Bunty's Dwarf Toad Bunty's Dwarf Toad.

Coast Foam-nest Tree Frog Coast Foam-nest Tree Frog.

Coast Reed Frog Coast Reed Frog.

Common River Frog Common River Frog.

Common Squeaker Common Squeaker.

Congo Basin Leaf-gluing Frog Congo Basin Leaf-gluing Frog.

Dimorphic Reed Frog Dimorphic Reed Frog.

Flat-headed Reed Frog Flat-headed Reed Frog.

Forest Leaf-gluing Frog Forest Leaf-gluing Frog.

Glade Tree Frog Glade Tree Frog.