How did tradtional people in Africa make things such as clothing, fire, pots?

There are always the questions, where, what and how did the tribal people of Africa make various articles for daily use.

In this chapter will explain some of the traditional African bush-craft used in doing and making various things to make their lives easier to survive in Africa.

It is 2015, the 21st Century and there are still many people in various parts of the world, and specifically here in Africa, that still live the same way now, as they have done for the past 2000 plus years. Their survival depend on knowing certain skills and the bush-craft, to feed, keep warm and stay safe in the African wilderness.

Africa is an huge continent of extreme diversities ranging from deserts to tropical regions, some areas still totally wild with little or now infrastructure, no shops or malls, no electricity, no water from a tap, no fridge, no nothing. These things, we as Westerners take for granted, and when on a safari in Africa or visiting the tribal areas, a person do realize how easy it is in the cities.

If you need a piece of rope or a pot for cooking, you cannot just go buy it. So, if you need some-thing, you need to make it or stay with-out it.

In this chapter, we will be dealing with bush-craft and skills from Southern African tribal tribes, such as the San / Bushmen and Himba. These are still very traditional people, that make fire by using two sticks, making pots from clay and tan their own leather to use for clothing or blankets. They plant their own food, and depend on nature to supply the materials for daily survival.