Asclepias buchenaviana commonly known as Milkweedafrican plants, Asclepiadaceae, Asclepias buchenaviana, Milkweed, melktou Milkweed or Melktou in Afrikaans

Family: Asclepiadaceae

Scientific Name: Asclepias buchenaviana

Common names: Milkweed, melk-tou (Afrikaans)


Description: Scraggly thin stemmed plant hat could grow up to 3 m, and commonly found in the dry Namib desert regions of Namibia.

Medical uses: The Bushmen used the dried and grounded leaves to make a snuff and to headache.

Superstition uses: None recorded.

Nutritive uses:

Other uses: The San people of Namibia and Botswana use the branches to make thread. The thin dry branches are gently beaten till they are soft and pliable.

Interesting Facts:

Credits: Christian Fourie.