Namib dune / Bushman grass (Stipagrostis sabulicola) of Namibia


Scientific Name: Stipagrostis sabulicola

Common names: Namib Dune or Bushman grass - (Afrikaans: Boesman gras)


Description: Hard, nearly bamboo type of grass with sharp leaves, found on the side of dunes in the Sossusvlei area in the Namib Desert of Namibia.

Medical uses: None known.

Superstition uses: None

Nutritive uses: None known.

Other uses: The San / Bushmen used part of the hard stems for the back part of their arrows, and also to create shelters against the sun with the grass.

Interesting Facts: Animals do not really feed of it, but it create areas of shade for small creatures, such as mice and lizards. In the Sossusvlei area, the mist and humidity from the Atlantic Ocean will form dew drops on the leaves at night, and this water drops is an valuable water source for the various insects, lizards and rodents.