Stipagrostis uniplumis, Silky Bushman grass, beesgras


Scientific Name: Stipagrostis uniplumis.

Common names: Silky Bushman grass - In Afrikaans called 'bees gras'.


Description: Soft silky type of grass. Preferred by cattle a it is sweet tasting. Growing in the open plains along the edge of the Namib Desert of Namibia.

Medical uses: None known.

Superstition uses: None.

Nutritive uses: Highly nutritional and predate on by domestic and wildlife animals.

Other uses: The Namibian farmers living close to the desert edge, will harvest the grass along the roads for feed for their cattle, sheep and goats in the winter.

Interesting Facts: All animals, domestic and wildlife will eat the grass and it get eaten right down to the ground. After the first rains it will sprout quite quickly, and within 4 weeks stand about knee high.