Family: Scientific Name: Aquila wahlbergi.

Common Name: Wahlberg's Eagle.

Description: Plumage range from dark brown to a lighter tan.

Distribution: Africa, south of the Sahara.

Difference in Sex: Females are larger and heavier.

Average Weight of Adult male: 770 grams.

Habitat: Woodland and savannah.

Habits: Solitary, perch usually on high leafy trees.

Main feeding time: Day.

Size: Length 48 -52 cm, wingspan 110 - 132 cm.

Incubation: 44 - 46 days.

Number of young at birth: usually one egg.

Communication: Kleeeeu - kyip-kyip-kyip.


Diet: Reptiles, birds up to francolins, mammals up to the size of a hare and insects.

Enemies: Man

Interesting facts:

Credits: Christian Fourie.