Pin-tailed Whydah, Koningrooibekkie, Dominikanerwitwe

African Pin-tailed Whydah dancing in air

Scientific Name: Vidua macroura

Common Name: Pin-tailed Whydah, Koningrooibekkie (Afr.), Dominikanerwitwe (Ger.)

Description: Male and female have white streaks on the sides of the upper chest, dark legs, boldly striped head and orange-pink bill.

Distribution: Africa. South of the Sahara Desert

Difference in Sex:

Average Weight of Adult male:

Habitat: Open spaces


Main feeding time: Day light time

Size: 12 cm to 13 cm in height (Tail of male add another 20 cm in breeding season)

Breeding: Spring into summer

Number of young at birth: one to two eggs




Enemies:Birds of prey

Interesting facts: