African Birds, Ibis, Bostrychia hagedash, Hadeda ibis, Hadeda, Hagedasch-Ibis

 Hadeda ibis, Hadeda, Hagedasch-Ibis

Scientific Name: Bostrychia hagedash

Common Name: Hadeda ibis, Hadeda, Hagedasch-Ibis

Description: Large, gray-brown ibis with an green-purple gloss on the wings. It has a bicolored black-and-red bill, and with a white streak across the cheek under the eye.

Difference in Sex:

Habitat: Common in Southern Africa


Size: Weight: 1.3 kg and 76 cm in lenght.

Gestation: 28 days.

Number of young at birth: 1 to 5 eggs and breeds from July to January.

Communication: Loud 'haa-haa-haa-de-dah' call.

Age: 16 to 20 years

Diet: It mainly feed on earthworms, millipedes, insects and ground-dwelling insects.

Enemies: Large birds of prey. Humans.

Interesting facts: