African Black Ducks, Anas sparsa, Swart-eend, Schwarzente

Family: Anas sparsa

Common Name: African Black Duck.

Description: Black body with white spots on back, bill blackish and feet and legs yellow.

Distribution: Southern Africa, and as far north up to Nigeria and Sudan. Often seen in the Okavango Delta region of Namibia.

Difference in Sex: Male larger than female.

Average Weight of Adult female: 900 grams.

Habitat: Shallow rivers with stony bottoms and wooden banks.

Habits: Highly territorial year round, occur in pairs and less often more than four.

Main feeding time: Feed by day.

Breeding: March to January.

Number of young at birth: 4 to 8 eggs.

Communication: Female have a loud 'qwaack' sound


Diet: Chironomid larvae mostly, but also other aquatic insects, grain, fruit, seeds, acorns, small fish and crabs.

Enemies: Large birds of prey, predator cats and humans.

Interesting facts:

Credits: Ranger Chrigi