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Scientific Name: Panthera leo
Common Name: Lion, Leeu, Le lion, Leone, Tau, Onghoshi, Xammi, Undayu
Difference in Sex: Males has mane and are much larger.
Average Weight of Adult male: 185 to 240 kg
Habitat: Very adaptable and are found where food are available.
Habits: Very social, groups (pride) are up to thirty lion big, but usually smaller than 10.
Main feeding time: Nocturnal and diurnal
Size: 120 cm height at shoulder
Gestation: 14 weeks
Number of young at birth:  1 to 5 cubs
Age: between 15 and 25 years
Diet: Any protein including insects
Enemies: The adult lion is at the top of the food chain and only the cubs are venerable to hyaenas. leopard and jackals
Interesting facts: