Samburu tribe of Kenya

Location: Kenya, Africa.

Population: Information being updated


Neighbouring Peoples: Maasai

Types of Art:

traditional dress of a Samburu womanSamburu tribal woman



Political Systems:


Social Systems: They are very similar to the Maasai who live to the south of them. They were originally known as 'Laibor Kemejiie' or 'White Gods' while the word Samburu means 'Butterfly'.

They are pastrolists and they usually keep cattle, sheep and goats. But they recently started keeping camels. Their staple food is maize meal and they only eat meat when there are ceremonies or during the dry seasons.

The Morans are very important in defending the community and their animals, especially in the frontiers towards the Turkana. They have three age sets/groups, which are boys, Morans and Elders.

They engage in cattle rustling which ensures a steady increase in Samburu stock.

Credits: Christopher D. Roy also see credit page  Professor of the History of Art. The University of Iowa.