Konso tribe of Sudan and EthiopiaModern style of Konso menTraditional Konso woman

Location: Southern Republic of the Sudan and southwest Ethiopia, Africa.



Neighbouring Peoples:

Types of Art: Carve wood figures to commemorate ancestors. Besides weaving, pottery and crafts, such as decorated calabashes, the Konso enjoy music and play the lyre (called a "krar"), a five stringed guitar or "kita" and panpipes.



Political Systems:

Religion: Worship the sky god "Waq" and venerate snakes.

Remarks: They circumcise both men and women, are primarily monogamous. When a hero or important man dies "waga" figures are carved in his honour. They are placed in and around the fields with the deceased in the middle, his wives to the side and enemies killed, or fierce animals slain, at his feet.

Photo credits: John Watson.