Windhoek, Namibia Safari Accommodation

Windhoek is the capitol of Namibia, with the only airport serviced by international flights.

Windhoek offers an range of all-round high quality accommodation types to cater to every-one's accommodation needs, covering  budget campsites, comfortable guesthouses, to exclusive upmarket hotels. .

From Windhoek, the four main roads are: east to Botswana and Kalahari Desert, west to the Namib Desert regions of Sossusvlei, Swakopmund and the Namib-Naukluft Park.

North to the Etosha National Park, Kaokoland, Okavango and Caprivi regions, which in turn give access to Botswana's Chobe National Park, the Victoria Falls of Zambia and Zimbabwe.

The road south leads to the Fish River Canyon, Orange River and the South African border.

Each region of Namibia is very unique in its attractions, cultures, scenery and range of accommodations.

For self drive tours, most car rental companies are located at the Windhoek International Airport and in the city.

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  • Wildlife diversity of the Etosha National Park, Namibia.

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Camping and Budget.


Namibian campsites and their facilities are of the best in Africa, and in many cases even better then most in Europe, making the country a camping safari paradise.

Explore regions as diverse as the Namib Desert, sub-tropical Namibian Okavango Delta Panhandle & Caprivi, rugged Damaraland, wildlife rich Etosha Park.

To see an sunset in the middle of the Namib Desert, or to hear the roar of an lion at night in the Etosha Park, these are memories of Namibia. 

Recommended Budget accommodation in Windhoek:

> Urban Camp.

> Chameleon Guesthouse.

> Arebush for Camping.

Mid-range Lodges.


Mid-range safari lodges, B & B's and little hotels are to be found all over Namibia, from the few towns to some really isolated wilderness areas, and in the various National Parks.

Due to the still very strong colonial German influence, the general standard is very high. Each Namibian region is very unique and diverse, and this diversity could best be experience when exploring various regions of the country.

It is not strange for many Namibian establishments to offer communication in at least 3 languages; English, German and Afrikaans (Similar to Dutch or Flemish).

Recommended Windhoek Mid-range Accommodation:

> Tamboti Lodge.

> Arebush Lodge, Windhoek.

> Trans-Kalahari Airport Lodge.

Luxury Lodges.


Luxury accommodation in Namibia, include top hotels in the cities, and some of the finest safari lodges in Africa.

Each region in Namibia, has a few up-market lodges, ranging from small private establishments to lodges with their own spa facilities.

Top lodges are also found on private game reserves, or unique establishments such as the N/aan ku se Wildlife Sanctuary and Lodge.

One of the very popular luxury safari options is the 'fly-in safari'. Flying from lodge to lodge, and exploring each region by air and land.

Recommended Luxury Hotels and Lodges in Windhoek:

> Windhoek Country Club.

> Kalahari Sands Hotel.

> Hilton Hotel.