Anodyne occur in various herbs and plants in Africa, and are used to treat colic, antibiotic and as a painkiller.

The plants below are used to extract anodyne from and generally given in the form of a tea or extract.

The Alchornea cordifolia is used in various traditional medicines in Africa.

Alchornea cordifolia: Tea is extracted from pulped green bark or the roots and taken orally for pain. This plant has antibacterial properties and also used for treating eye and mouth infections by washing out the mouth or eye with a strong extract..

Bridelia ferruginea: The stem bark is pulped and a tea is made from it. It also has very good anti-inflammatory properties.

Clausena anisata: The roots and leaves are pulped and a tea extract is taken orally. Also good for sinus and sore throats.

Erythrophleum suaveolens: Tea is brewed from the roots and bark.