Various plants are used by the different tribes in Africa to treat various types of pain and ear-ache.

The plants and herbs used by the traditional healers differs from region to region, and as with many traditional treatments in Africa, superstition play an role in the application of traditional medicines.

Acacia erioloba (Came-thorn Acacia): Ear-infections are treated by crushing very dry seed pods to a fine powder, and inserted into the ear. The pulverised bark of the Acacia is burned and rubbed into a small cut on the temple for the treatment of heavy headache. The gum is also eaten as a treatment for gonorrhoea.

Sickle Bush (Dichrostachys cinerea africana): The medicinal used are to numerous to mention for this plant, but it used in similar ways throughout Africa in traditional medicines. The leaves is crushed and orally taken as a tea. It act as a local anaesthesia and a natural painkiller.