What is a Anthelmintic?:

Anthelmintic drugs are used to rid a host animal or person of parasitic worms, particularly those found in the intestines. Various plants used in traditional medicines from Africa, has certain chemical compounds that are use to treat infected people and live-stock.

These drugs belong in several different chemical classes. They either inhibit the parasite's ability to use nutrients it needs for survival or paralyze its neuromuscular system, which makes it unable to maintain its location in the intestines and then expelled through normal body functions.

Anthelmintic drugs are more effective against tapeworms, pinworms, and roundworms in the gastro-intestinal tract, than they are against worms in other locations for example, filaria or schistosomes in blood vessels and trichinae in muscles.

African Ebony / Jackal Berry has various medicinal uses

Jackal Berry Tree (Diospyros mespiliformis): A strong decoction (tea) of young roots are made, and used in the treatment of ring-worm and as an effective intestinal de-wormer.