Swakopmund, Namibia Accommodation

Namibia's main coastal town of Swakopmund is located on the Atlantic Coast, and surrounded by the Namib Desert

Camping in Swakopmund is not recommended, as it does get quite wet from the evening sea mist. With so many affordable small guesthouses and hotels, accommodation is not a problem.

There are various adventure and safari activities available in and around Swakopmund, ranging from tours into the Namib Desert, to whale and dolphin watching sea cruises.

From Swakop via Walvis Bay, provide an entry into the rugged Kuiseb Canyons, Namib-Naukluft National Park and Sossusvlei

Swakopmund colonial heritage

Colonial Swakopmund.

Camping and Budget.


Namibian campsites and their facilities are of the best in Africa, and in many cases even better then most in Europe, making the country a camping safari paradise.

Explore regions as diverse as the Namib Desert, sub-tropical Namibian Okavango Delta Panhandle & Caprivi, rugged Damaraland, wildlife rich Etosha Park.

To see an sunset in the middle of the Namib Desert, or to climb the highest dunes in the world, will leave you with amazing memories of Namibia. 

Recommended Budget:

> Swakopmund Rest Camp.

Mid-range Lodges.


Mid-range safari lodges, B & B's and little hotels are to be found all over Namibia, from the few towns to some really isolated wilderness areas, and in the various National Parks.

Due to the still very strong colonial German influence, the general standard is very high. Each Namibian region is very unique and diverse, and this diversity could best be experience when exploring various regions of the country. 

Recommended Mid-range Lodges.

> Villa Wiese

Luxury Lodges.


Luxury accommodation in Namibia, include top hotels in the cities, and some of the finest safari lodges in Africa.

Each region in Namibia, has a few up-market lodges, ranging from small private establishments to lodges with their own spa facilities.

One of the very popular luxury safari options is the 'fly-in safari'. Flying from lodge to lodge, and exploring each region by air and land.

Recommended Luxury Hotels.

Europa Hof Hotel