Popa Falls, Namibia Safari Accommodation

The Namibian Popa Falls and Mahangu region forms the gateway to the Caprivi Strip and to the western Okavango Delta in Botswana.

At the Popa Falls (in Namibia and rapids and not an actual waterfall), the famed Okavango River begin to split up into canals and flood-plains to form the famous Okavango Delta in Botswana.

This Namibian Okavango Delta Panhandle offer an better and more affordable option to experience the Delta, then in Botswana. Prices in Botswana are generally in either Pula or US$, which make it a lot more expensive.

The Mahangu and Bwabwato Game Reserves offers fantastic wildlife viewing, and a good selection of campsites and lodges are to be found close to the Reserves.

There is no accommodation in both the Reserves, as the conservancies form part of the major conservation core areas.

  • Namibian Okavango Delta Panhandle

  • Wildlife of the Mahangu Game Reserve.

Camping and Budget.


Accommodation information being updated. 

Recommended Budget:

> NWR, Popa Falls Resort.

> Nunda Lodge Campsite.

> Ngepi Camp.

Mid-range Lodges.


Recommended Mid-range Lodges.

> Nunda Lodge, Okavango.

> NWR, Popa Falls Resort.

Luxury Lodges.


Recommended Luxury Lodges.

> Divava Lodge and Spa, Okavango.