Barbour's Viper (Adenorhinos barbouri) - Short-headed viper

Scientific Name: Adenorhinos barbouri

Common Name: Barbour's Viper, Short-Headed Viper.

Description: A small viper about 14 inches (35 cm) in length. It has strongly keeled scales and a triangular head with a short, rounded snout. Its tail is shorter than that of Atheris sp. and is not prehensile. Its ground colour is brown, olive, or blackish olive and its vented is greenish white to olive. A pair of straw-colour stripes zigzag along the dorsal.

Difference in Sex: Males are blackish-olive with indistinct markings.

Habitat: Mountains of south-western Tanzania.

Habits: generally found in thick forest environmment.

Size: 35 cm


Number of young at birth:

Venom: Not know - No research done on it.


Diet: Frogs, earthworms and small insects

Enemies: Forest dwelling birds of prey

Interesting facts:

Credits: Christian Fourie.