Trumpet thorn leavesFlowers of the Catophractes Alexandri

Trumpet Thorn (Catophractes alexandri)

Family: Bignoniaceae

Scientific Name: Catophractes alexandri

Common names: Trumpet thorn, Gababos in Afrikaans.


Description: Scrub reaching up to 3 m in height, with hard spiny branches, preferring calcium rich soils. Common in northern Namibia, Botswana and Zimbabwe

Medical uses: Tea is made from the roots and bark to treat coughs and stomach pains.

Superstition uses: None recorded.

Nutritive uses: Both domestic and wildlife will feed on the leaves.

Other uses: Interesting Facts: Seen in dense clusters across northern Namibia, and a very popular food source for the black rhinos in the Etosha National Park of Namibia.

Credits: Christian Fourie.