Stink Shepherd's tree (Boscia foetida)


Scientific Name: Boscia Foetida

Common names: Smelly or Stink Shepherd tree, or Fake Shepherd tree. 'Stink Wit-gat' in Afrikaans.


Description: Smallish tree of about 1 m in height, with similar characteristics as the Boscia albitrunca (white trunk), but smaller leaves. The flowers are greenish in colour, and give of an unpleasant smell. The berries is greyish-green in colour and average about 1 cm in diameter. Commonly found in the dry regions of Namibia from the south to the far north.

Medical uses:

Superstition uses: Non recorded.

Nutritive uses: Animals will feed of the leaves and small fruit.

Other uses:

Interesting Facts: The flowers attracts a lot of insects, due to their bad smell (smell like an open sewer). Common all over the Namib region of Namibia.

Credits: Christian Fourie.