The Zebra Aloe (Aloe zebrina) is commonly found in the Etosha and Naukluft Parks of Namibia

Family: Asphodelaceae

Scientific Name: Aloe zebrina

Common names: Zebra Aloe, Sebra-alwyn, kgophane, otjindombo, ondombo.


Description: Commonly found wild in the Etosha Park along the pan's edges and in the Naukluft National Park of Namibia. Typical aloe form with lighter green markings on the dark green leaves. Often grow in clusters and could reach a height of 60 cm.

Medical uses: Still used today by the local Namibian people to treat skin irritations, rash and small cuts.

Superstition uses: None known.

Nutritive uses: Flowers can be eaten raw, cooked or stamped and made into cakes.

Other uses:  Commercially cultivated as decorative plant, and popular plant for rock gardens in the dry regions of Namibia.

Interesting Facts:

Credits: Christian Fourie.