Acacia hebecladaCandle thorn acacia is found in the dry regions across Southern Africa

Family: Mimosoideae

Scientific Name: Acacia hebeclada

Common names: Candle thorn, Trassie-bos in Afrikaans.

SANTN: 170

Description: Widely spread in the drier regions of Namibia, Botswana and South Africa, but also along the major rivers such as the Okavango, Zambezi and Kunene.

A shrub to a small tree up to 6 m tall. It branches start very near the ground. The bark is dark grey and flaky. The leaves are small and feathery, with the flowers being cream white fluff balls. Flowering occur between July and September.

Medical uses: Tea brewed from the crushed rood can be used as a cure for diarrhoea.

Superstition uses: Not known.

Nutritive uses: Pods are eaten by wild and domestic animals.

Other uses: The Himba tribe of Namibia, used the grounded powder of the root, mixed with milk-fat and ochre as a hair dressing.

Interesting Facts: This tree is host to the Kalahari truffle 'Terfezia pfeilii'.

Credits: Christian Fourie.