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Spiders, Sicariidae, Sicariinae, Sicarius, Six-eyed Sand Spider, Namib desert, Namibia, AfricaThis one lost his two front legs by misfortune, spiders have eight legs normally
Scientific Name:  Sicariidae (family), Sicariinae (subfamily), Sicarius( Spp.)
Common Name: Six-eyed Sand Spider
Description: as can be seen , not a very attractive spider, have the colour of it's habitat.
Habitat: Throughout the Southern African Continent, this one was found in the Namib Desert in Namibia.
Venom: Possibly dangerously venomous to humans.
Difference in Sex:
Size: body 8 to 18 mm long
Interesting facts: This spider lie just below the surface of the sand and if disturbed will run a few meters and bury it's self under the sand again.
Credits: Christian Fourie (photograph + info)
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