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Black Longlegged beetle found in the Namib Desert of Namibia.

Scientific Name: Cauricara phalangium
Common Name: Black Long legged Namib beetle (unknown)
Description: Namibian Desert Beetle: Fast running black beetle found on the dunes in the Namib Desert.
Habitat: Namib Desert
Difference in Sex:
Size: About 12 mm (without legs)
Diet: Detritus (I have also observe them eating each other and other beetles)
Enemies: Desert Lizards, Gecko's, snakes, and man
Interesting facts: This beetle is also a "stilting species" which means, it stand on it's head with his back side in to the air on top of a dune. Fog accumulates during the evening into water drops on it's back and that rolls down the beetles body to it's mouth.
Credits: Christian Fourie (photograph + info)

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