(Cladoraphis spinosa) Spiny love grass Also called Ostrich grass by Namibians


Scientific Name: Cladoraphis spinosa.

Common names: Spiny love grass, ostrich grass (Namibia).


Description: A short soft and thin grass that will be green for a few months in the summer, and turn into a soft white-tan colour as it dries. Commonly found in the open plains of the Namib-Naukluft Park of Namibia

Medical uses: None

Superstition uses: None

Nutritive uses: Most desert animals such as Springbok, Oryx and ostriches will feed on it.

Other uses: The San / Bushmen tribe will use the soft grass as kindle for making fire, and also place a ball of it in the bottom of the arrow quiver, to keep the arrows from rattling and making a noise while hunting.

Interesting Facts: For some reason, ostrich seem to love it, and not only for eating, but often make their nests in it.