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Scientific Name: Hippotragus niger
Common Name: Sable
Difference in Sex: Females are a bit smaller with a more reddish skin. Both have horns.
Average Weight of Adult male: 230 kg
Habitat: open woodland, need to be near open water.
Habits: Herds
Main feeding time: day
Size: shoulder height 135 cm
Gestation: 8 months
Number of young at birth: single calf
Communication: a birdlike contact and distress call
Age: about 18 years
Diet: herbivorous, mainly grazer
Enemies: Lions
Interesting facts: The sables above in the photo's are fighting over territory. Sables are active in the early morning, late afternoon and evening. They go down to drink in the early morning or late afternoon. They have to drink every day.
Territorial bulls give off a odour that can be smelled even by humans. When two bulls fight, they roar and bellow as they lunge with their horns, these fights can last up to an hour and are sometimes fatal.
Credits: Christian Fourie (photograph + info)