Caracal (Felis caracal)

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Caracal: Predator cats of Africa

Scientific Name: Felis caracal
Common Name: Caracal, Rooikat, Lince, Eshinga, Twani, Le Caracal, Lynx
Description: Well build, cat-like predator with a very short tail, have black tassels of hair on the tip of their ears. They have a reddish colour.
Difference in Sex: Females have a slighter build 
Average Weight of Adult male: 15 kg
Habitat: Prefer open woodland and bush country.
Habits: They hunt alone
Main feeding time: Nocturnal
Size: shoulder height 45 cm
Gestation: approx. 2 months
Number of young at birth: 2 to four kittens in summer (October to March)
Communication: A birdlike chirp and a catlike purr
Age: 11 to 16 years
Diet: Any small to medium prey, birds, reptiles and mammals
Enemies: Lion, Leopard, Crocodiles, jackals may some times kill the very young
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