African Wild Dog (Lycaon Pictus)

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African Wild DogWild Dog pups playing

Scientific Name: Lycaon Pictus
Common Name: Wild Dog 
Description: These animals have a short dark snout, large round ears and fairly long hair. The long white tail which is raised when they are excited, is characteristic. The body and legs are white with yellow, brown and black blotches. The colour pattern differs among individuals. The hair between the eyes and ears is lighter with a dark stripe down the centre of the forehead and over the back of the head.
Difference in Sex:
Average Weight of Adult male: 20-32 kg.
Habitat: Open areas and plains in woodland.
Habits: Wild Dogs live in packs of about 10 to 15 animals with a male or female as leader. Larger packs of 40 or more animals have also been reported. They are mainly diurnal, and are active during the early mornings and late afternoons when they range over large areas in search for food. Spotted Hyaenas sometimes try to join the meal but usually get bullied. The young feed on food regurgitated by the adults.
Hunting habits The Wild Dog is more dependent on its eyesight than on its sense of smell. These animals hunt in groups, chasing their prey until it is exhausted and is eventually torn apart while still on the hoof.
Main feeding time:
Gestation: ± 2 1/2 months
Number of young at birth: 7 to 10 young are born during March to July
Age: ±10 years
Diet: Only fresh meat, especially Impala, Springbok and also Blue Wildebeest.
Enemies: Leopard, lion.
Interesting facts: