Pousargues's Mongoose (Dologale dybowskii)

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African Animals, Civets, Suricates, Genets and Mongooses, Viveridae, Dologale dybowskii, Pousargues's Mongoose, African Savanna Mongoose

Scientific Name: Dologale dybowskii
Common Name: Pousargues's Mongoose, African Savanna Mongoose
Distribution:  is found in Africa in the Central African Republic, northeast Zaire, southern Sudan, and throughout western Uganda
Description: Dologale dybowskii is a relatively small mongoose with brown fur covering its body and limbs. Its tail is bushy and is also brown. Both its underparts and face are gray with the latter being darker. Its claws on its forefeet are robust and powerful
Difference in Sex:
Average Weight: weight ranges from 300 to 400 grams 
Habitat: Dologale dybowskii has a wide range of habitats ranging from the shores of Lake Albert to the forest grasslands of the Imatong Mountains. It has also been spotted in the savanna forests of Mubende and is therefore, often referred to as the African Savanna Mongoose
Main feeding time:
Size: The head to body length of this African mongoose ranges from 25 to 33 cm while the tail length ranges from 16 to 23 cm. The hind leg is approximately 5.5 cm
Number of young at birth:
Diet: The food habits of Dologale dybowskii are not certain. However, the large digging claws, as well as the lack of specialization of the teeth, suggests that it may eat fossorial invertebrates and small vertebrates, including termites
Interesting facts: