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African animals, Hares and Rabbits, Leporidae, Bunolagus monticularis, Riverine Rabbit, Bushman Rabbit

Scientific Name: Bunolagus monticularis
Common Name: Riverine Rabbit, Bushman Rabbit
Description: The Riverine Rabbit is easily identified by the black stripe running from the corner of its mouth over its cheek, a brown woolly tail, cream- colored fur on its belly and throat, and a broad, club-like hind foot. Its tail is pale brown with a tinge of black toward the tip. Its coat is soft and silky and its limbs are short and heavily furred.
Distribution: endemic to South Africa. It has an extremely limited geographic range, found only in the central and southern regions of the Karoo Desert of South Africa's Cape Province
Difference in Sex: female is larger
Average Weight: Male riverine rabbits weigh approximately 1.5 kg while females weigh about 1.8 kg
Habitat:  lives in dense riverine scrub along the seasonal rivers in the central Karoo Desert in the Cape Province of South Africa
Habits: Riverine Rabbits are capable of jumping over one meter high bushes when being pursued by a predator. To escape predatation, it remains nocturnal, spending the day resting in a form, a shallow scrape made in the soil, under a Karoo bush, is nocturnal, hiding from predators by day and feeding by night. Males and females each maintain home ranges which are exclusive with regard to members of their own sex, with male home ranges about 15 ha in size and overlapping female home ranges
Main feeding time: nocturnal
Size: Length: 337 to 470 mm
Number of young at birth: 1 young
Diet: is predominantly a browser. It eats riparian vegetation found along seasonal rivers in the Karoo Desert. This includes salt-loving plants such as Salsola and Lycium, as well as flowers and leaves from boegoe and ink bushes. Grasses are included in the diet when these are available in the wet season
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