Honey Badger (Mellivora capensis)

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Honey Badger, as seen in the Etosha National Park, NamibiaYoung badgers will eat nearly every-thing.
Scientific Name: Mellivora capensis
Common Name: Honey Badger
Difference in Sex:
Average Weight of Adult male: 11.5 kg
Habitat: Over most of Southern Africa
Habits: solitary
Main feeding time: night
Size: about 28 cm at shoulder
Gestation: 6 - 7 months
Number of young at birth: 2 young
Diet: omnivorous, eat almost anything, fruits, insects, eggs, dead animals, fish, but still favours honey above anything else.
Enemies: Believed it, this small animal have no real enemies. It is a ferocious fighter when taken on. Even lions show a healthy respect. Have personally witness 3 lionesses trying to kill a male at the Halali camp-waterhole (Etosha Park), and this brave badger survived, with the lionesses giving up and walking away. (Christian Fourie, Ranger, Safari Guide Specialist for Southern Africa.)
Interesting facts: