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Scientific Name: Giraffa camelopardalis
Common Name: Giraffe, Giraffa, Kameelperd, La Girafe, Jirafa, Onduli, Tutwa, !Garo!naib, Umbwenzi
Description:  Tallest animal on land, it has a very long neck with seven vertebrae the same amount as humans. It's color is a whitish yellow covered with light brown patches, which became darker with age.
It also have two short horns on it's head that are covered with hair.
Difference in Sex: The females are a bit slighter in build . Bothe sexes have horns, male's horns are vertical and untappered whereas the female's horns are thinner, shorter and tappered.
Average Weight of Adult male: About 1000 kg
Habitat: Open scrub with trees and scrubs for browsing, several diffrent acacia types are a requirement for their diet.
Habits: They are diurnal animals which lifes in smallish herds, they rest during the hottest time of day.
Main feeding time: Day time
Size: Shoulder height up to 3 m
Gestation: 14 to 15 months
Number of young at birth: Single calf
Communication: Giraffes are generally silent but snort or grunt when alarmed and calves sometimes bleat.
Age: Approx 28 years
Diet: They mainly browse. They eat tender shoots, leaves, fruit, flowers, twigs including thorns and bark, and also young fresh grass and even old bones.
Enemies: Lion and very large hyaena packs, leopards may also be a problem to smaller giraffe.
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